Auktionsgade 39,
7730 Hanstholm


Nordshipping is a local shipping and shipping company that can handle both small and large tasks. No matter what the task is, we are always ready for the quay when a ship arrives at the port and needs some kind of assistance.

We help you well further out in the local area and in the rest of Denmark through our large network of carriers. When it comes to international land transport, we also have a large network that will safely get your goods from A to B. No matter how far your goods are to be transported, it is in safe hands. We have carefully selected our carriers and know they are of the same high standard as ourselves. We set a high standard ourselves, and we expect the same attitude from our partners.

Ordinary freight forwarding tasks are also part of our field of work. With a favorable agreement with TNT, we can also offer courier shipments worldwide at competitive prices.